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If you are ever worried about the health or welfare of a hedgehog, please call the British Hedgehog Preservation Society on 01584 890801 and they will be able to give you advice, and put you in touch with a local rescue centre if necessary.

Newsletter Update

Thank you for the newsletter Paul, an excellent way to keep in touch.
As requested a small update on what my two original hogs have been doing since they arrived in April 2018.
I originally had two hogs – Rex and Rosie. They did mate – video was one of the first to be posted.

Just before my hedgehogs went into hibernation, I had 2 adults and two baby hogs in my garden nightly. One of the hogs was the mother of a very small hedgehog, which grew rapidly.  The other baby hog was larger and I don’t think it was with the other adult hog but cannot be sure but they seemed to keep apart.  I posted various videos on the Hogblog during this period.

Where did they hibernate?  I am not sure.  I have 2 boxes in the garden and, having looked today, one may have been used but I am not certain if it was for hibernation.   The other smaller box was not used.

I have been putting food out in the same place, in the same clear plastic box, as last year.  I first saw the hogs on the 9th March 2019.

I think I had 3 different hogs feeding that night.  Since then I have had two hogs together in the garden, with the small male (I think it may be my original ‘Rex’) trying to mate with the (presumably) female.  This behaviour went on for two nights and observed on camera for 20 minutes at a time.  Very persistent little fellow!

I now have video of two hogs together, but the visits to the feeding box are running at 8 – 12 times nightly and I cannot be sure how many hogs are in the garden.  They are eating two full plastic cat feeding bowls nightly and drinking frequently.  They arrive just after sunset and regularly thereafter. Wonderful!

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