Worried about a Hedgehog?

If you are ever worried about the health or welfare of a hedgehog, please call the British Hedgehog Preservation Society on 01584 890801 and they will be able to give you advice, and put you in touch with a local rescue centre if necessary.

Month: May 2018

A hedgehog and 2 cats came to the feeding box last night – 28.05.2018. Good to see a hedgehog is still around.

The more observant amongst you will (I hope) have noticed the new SLOW Hedgehogs signs. Lets hope people give a thought for our little prickly friends.

Hedgehog footprints from the tunnel on 25/26th May.  Also captured on CCTV cameras a hedgehog coming to feed near the house.   Has to share with a large fluffy white cat!

We have some hedgehog prints from our footprint tunnel along with evidence:-)

I wondered if they had both left home as not much sign of activity. However, I was outside late last night to put my new chickens to bed, and there was a Hog nose poking out of the house.. ‘she’ Read more…

hog footprints 7 hits and 2 cats.

Sorry the camera was to far away.

The Church hedgehogs have been released and seem to have relished their new found freedom. One in the house and one behind the house Just checking back………