Worried about a Hedgehog?

If you are ever worried about the health or welfare of a hedgehog, please call the British Hedgehog Preservation Society on 01584 890801 and they will be able to give you advice, and put you in touch with a local rescue centre if necessary.

Young Hedgehog Spotted

It looks like the Glatton Hedgehog population has grown, a youngster was spotted recently in a garden.  Could this be an offspring from Rex & Rosie?

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3 comments on “Young Hedgehog Spotted

Think this has to be ‘Wilkie’ in honour of its first appearance!

Hi Carole that’s very sweet. Despite having my name associated with a prickly mammal happy to support your suggestion.

This is wonderful news. I find they eat Tesco Kitten Complete Dry Food (£1) and need lots of water. I think it will keep coming to see you if you feed it in the same place in the evenings. We have all been hoping for this news.

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